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We're kind of in love with the name, Blueprint. It's a nod to Jay Z's 2001 Album.

-You're a runner and want to run more comfortably and with less pain and injury
-You need to decrease your mile splits for your next race
-You're new to running and want to start off on a solid foundation
-You're a crossfitter but don't do much cardio and need to add it in without wasting your gains/muscle
-You're burnt out on your current fitness routine and need something fresh and engaging to do
-You want to learn how to run well and harness the power that sprinting can add to your life
-You've seen how badass sprinters look and want to achieve that physique
-You're curious

This 21-day course draws on a broad spectrum of both different and familiar tools. To get the most out of the course, we ask that you simply empty your cup so you can create space to honestly assess your current perspectives and practices in order to move forward to the next stage of your evolution. Be prepared to address the full spectrum of movement--- mobility, stability, strength, power, rotation, anti-rotation, and coordination. Each class will last about an hour and occurs twice a week. If you miss some classes, don't trip. Blueprint is a process not a destination. At the end of the course, we invite you to take the graduation screen if you feel ready. Successful completion moves you into ace status and gives you access to join Tribe. This process is optional and you can take Blueprint as many times as you'd like. Many of our aces take Blueprint multiple times a year to stay grounded on their foundational movements, technique and form.
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